HelpDesk – why it is necessary for your company

Many IT services need to urgently change a habitual way of communicating with clients. The reasons can be different: business pressure, the discontent of users, structural changes, the sharp growth of the number of users and so forth.

Even in the presence of the ready recommendations of ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) the question “What to Begin with and where to Move?” remains open. Each company solves it in own way. Relying on own experience and experience who have passed all stages of introduction Help Desk from the first steps before the thinnest control of processes, have realized in ITSM system and have supported with practical introductions of the Help Desk organization.

Five pillars of the organization of work of support service are the cornerstone of this technique. To construct the correct support service, it will be required to:

  • record a zone of responsibility of IT, to carry out understanding of each user
  • providetransparentfeedbackwithusers
  • standardize processing of applications, to develop terms and quality of their performance
  • develop the quality of the provided services taking into account the requirements of users
  • operate IT services and the related IT infrastructure: from the accounting of IT resources prior to preventive actions and monitoring of the critical equipment


As well as any other organizational unit, service Help Desk begins with the definition of a zone of the responsibility. Nothing good will happen if in the company idea if obligations of IT service are formulated as everything that is connected with IT.

For users, IT gets the most inconceivable outlines — from everything that is on a table and under a table and also can be installed in the computer, to the fused bulb on a ceiling. IT employees are in turn ready to be responsible exclusively for operability of servers.

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