The different types of keywords for your domain

For many years, SEOs and web specialists have struggled to buy domain names, which were composed of targeted keywords. The purpose of such a technique was to increase the clickthrough rate from the search engine results but also to optimize its positioning on the targeted queries. Nevertheless, is this strategy still effective today?The presence of the targeted keyword within the domain name is an important positioning factor. The presence of the request referred to in the domain name encourages other webmasters to include it on their own site which allows them to strengthen the semantics of their page. The use of the keyword in link anchors when third party sites link to your website. Click here to know more details regarding the best SEO tags for your Website.

Competitive keywords

A competitive keyword is an expression used by many sites to improve their positioning. Generally, it is the sites that have a certain seniority or notoriety on the theme that benefit from competitive keywords.Getting a position on a competitive term is difficult enough, even for an SEO specialist. It is often determined by a fairly large number of query results. A competitive keyword is also recognizable thanks to the number of sponsored links that are displayed both above and below the natural results.

Parasitic keywords

These are the expressions for which your site will be displayed without you having to make efforts in this regard. This is usually poor quality because it comes mostly from generic terms.Your site will appear on these keywords because one or more of your pages address a specific theme. Nevertheless, you will notice that compared to a competitive query, the results for the parasitic keywords will have very little or no sponsored link.

Forgotten keywords

Neglected terms refer in particular to the surfer on a specific subject and not general as for parasitic keywords. They sometimes allow improving the positioning of a site which does not profit from a big notoriety. The search results for these queries typically offer fewer than 5,000 results, mostly without sponsored links. The traffic can be of a high quality for some.

Conclusion: The keywords of niche

To get high conversions, it’s a good idea to focus on niche keywords directly related to your theme. The basis of SEO is indeed also to find the balance between the different choices of keywords.Searches based on niche keywords usually offer less than 60,000 results because the number of pages that process the subject remains low. Often, the URLs displayed in search results are long and contain keywords in part or in full.The niche keyword is ideal for getting the best possible conversion rate on your site.


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